Thank You for the Great Softball Year!!!!!

Updated Monday June 18, 2018 by Dan Taylor.

Dear Coaches, Parents, and Volunteers,

We want to thank you for giving up your time, season after season, to lend a hand coaching, mentoring, and helping the Latham Lassies Softball Program.  Every year each player gets better with your help and dedication.

 We know countless hours are spent in the car bringing your child to and from practices and games, as well as time working in the concession stand during your child's game.  You braved the freezing cold start of the season and have survived the heat wave at the end.

 We want to again thank you all for everything you do to make our league one of the best in the area.  We are nothing without the support of the parents and volunteers that take the time to make a difference.


Thank You,


Latham Lassies Softball